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Shipping Agency

Strategic Shipping and Logistics Limited provides a unique and optimal port agency services to our clients in order to prospect a berth for incoming vessels, ensuring proper mooring areas are allotted to the ship and all the pertaining documents are ready and adequately taken care of in the shortest time possible. The presence of our experienced Personnel in the industry grants us the ability to carry out operational resolutions that meets the interests of the client and ensure a proper, accurate and speedy communication when handling overall disbursement control. Prior planning of port calls allows us to eradicate the chokepoints that accompanies delays in vessel operation and turnaround time.

Our personnel are well trained to foresee, act and mitigate potential issues before they ever hamper the vessel operation. We preserves a smooth and efficient working relationship with relevant agencies, authorities and third parties whose activities has a direct / indirect impact on the state of Maritime / Logistics operations in the region. This allows us to eliminate delays, remove constrictions and ensure our clients best interests are maintained. Our knowledge of and access to Real time Tankers Loading / Discharging programs at various ports allows us to plan adequately in conjunction with our customers penchants and operational procedures that guides uS in drawing up berthing and unberthing prospects, preparing the necessary documents for the relevant agencies and authorities in order to deliver optimal services.